Natural Remedies for Depression

There is a wide range of treatment options for depression, and although a doctor is typically going to prescribe some sort of antidepressant, there are also natural remedies for depression, just as there are natural remedies for many other illnesses.

People have many reasons for choosing natural remedies for depression as opposed to the standard anti depression drug.

One of those reasons may be the long list of negative side effects and risks associated with antidepressants.

Some also feel natural remedies are more effective in the treatment of depression, than the traditional prescription treatment options.

And of course, those of us who are more health conscious about what sorts of chemicals we put into our bodies, are more likely to choose a more natural approach.

Always remember, before discontinuing a prescription for antidepressants or making any changes to your treatment regimen, consult a medical professional. There are risks associated with discontinuing prescription drugs, as well as risks of negative interactions when taking multiple drugs together.

Natural remedies for depression can include; supplements like St. Johns Wart or fish oil; certain vitamins like b vitamins or vitamin d; exercise such as yoga or any type of regular workout routine; or relaxation techniques such as meditation or hypnosis.

Basically, natural remedies for depression would include any safe option that makes you feel better and treats your depression…naturally!

I specify safe option because sometimes when battling depression, we may turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort, and although they may provide temporary relief from our symptoms, they are not a safe option, and in the long run will ultimately make us feel worse, and are therefore not effective in treating our depression.

Choosing among the different natural remedies for depression, you’ll want to choose something that you are comfortable with and something that makes you feel better. This may require some trial and error, as each individual may respond differently to the different options.

One important step to take that will help you and your doctor in treating your depression, is to track your results. If you try taking a supplement, track how it makes you feel. If you start a new exercise routine, track how it makes you feel.

This isn’t only effective in determining what’s working in treating your depression, but it may also help you pinpoint causes of your depression. For example, if you start a new diet and begin healthier eating habits, you may find that the sweets and junk foods were a contributor in your depressed moods.

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