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My title Are you, or is someone you love suffering from depression? Perhaps the most difficult part of coping with mental illness, and getting your life back, is figuring out where to start. It can all be so overwhelming, and when battling a condition that causes hopelessness and despair - feeling better may actually be the last thing you feel like trying to do.

The hardest part for me was feeling like the only solutions available came in the form of a pill. While antidepressants might work for some people – they did not work for me. I needed to find other ways to rid this stress and sadness, so that I could live a long, healthy, happy life. You can too.

It took me a long time to realize that what was supposed to be helping me was actually making me feel worse and I was fighting an uphill battle.

The biggest misunderstanding about depression is that it’s a chemical imbalance meaning the only way you can possibly be happy is to rebalance the chemicals in your brain. Short of pharmaceutical intervention we are lead to believe those chemicals won’t restore balance on their own and we will otherwise be doomed to unhappiness.

Antidepressants, along with all of their side effects including death by suicide, are then prescribed at the drop of a tear. The profits continue to fund a multi-billion dollar industry, and thus depression-industry.com is born.

While there is no scientific test confirming the accuracy of the chemical imbalance theory, this does not mean this is not a real condition. It is real. I know first hand. I also know first hand how prescription drugs can affect someone and it was because of these negative effects that I was able to find alternative treatment methods.

The experiences I went through helped to mold the content of this site. Here you will find information on the ins and outs of being depressed.

First, you’ll want to get a deeper understanding of the condition – symptoms, causes, treatment options, different types, warning signs etc. We will explore the industry behind it all and then, most importantly, we will dive deeper into the healing process.

We all deserve a happy life filled with joy and laughter. We all have the ability to live that life. We just have to stretch outside of what we know and be willing to learn and execute new ideas and methods for managing stress, reducing sadness, and making depression just a mood rather than a lifestyle.

Definition of Depression
What is depression? Find the definition of depression and details about the differences between feeling sad and a mood disorder.
Different Types of Depression and Mood Disorders
Psychiatry uses the DSM to diagnose different types of depression and mood disorders. Outlined here, the truth about this industry, and descriptions of each disorder.
Causes of Depression
Experts opinions on Causes of Depression are outlined here, but is there a cause we haven't explored? Learn the road to recovery by identifying the cause.
Depression Symptoms - Could you be suffering from depression?
Depression Symptoms: We've all seen the list before, and its outlined here. But could that list and our interpretation of it be the reason we are depressed?
Antidepressants Revealed - Do you know the risks?
Antidepressants are prescribed after a patient is told they have a chemical imbalance. But are we told the risks? Do we fully understand the impact?
Antidepressant Reviews - Vistors tell their story
antidepressants are prescribed after a patient is told they have a chemical imbalance. Visitors share their stories here; Antidepressant Reviews.
Anti Depression Drug Risks
A patient is told they have a chemical imbalance and that their condition is to be treated with an anti depression drug. Are they warned about the risks?
Treatments For Depression
We've all heard of the common treatments for depression, but what other options do we have?
Depression Self Help
Its time for depression self help. So, from this moment on welcome yourself to your new life. Take a deep breath, start your positive self-talk and let go.
The Definition of Stress
It's something we all have to deal with in our lives and it has both physical and emotional implications. What is the definition of stress? Lets start there and then we can work to manage it!
Relaxation Techniques to Manage Stress
Stress can play a huge part in our emotional and physical well being. here are some relaxation techniques to reduce stress and live a healthier life!
Daily Motivation
So take hold of your inner you and say self, today is the day we choose happiness. Now, we’ll still have to get up and do it again tomorrow, and that’s where daily motivation comes in!
Vitamins for Depression
Vitamins and minerals play a key role in our overall health and wellbeing and mental health is no exception. Vitamins for depression are important in treating a root cause of depression.
Vitamin D Depression - An emerging type of depression?
Vitamin D depression? Could vitamin D, or a lack there of, could be related to depression symptoms, specifically during the winter months! Learn about the connection between vitamin d and depression.
B Vitamins and Depression
Learn about the different B vitamins and B vitamins and depression can be related.
Physical Symptoms of Depression
While depression is certainly a mental condition, many don't realize the connection between depression and pain and what the physical symptoms of depression could be.
Depression Warning Signs
Whether experiencing mild symptoms of depression, or depression warning signs, it is important to learn and understand as much as possible and form a treatment plan, as one can lead to another.
Inspirational Depression Quotes for Healing and Motivation
Its's important to keep motivated and positive when on the road to recovery, and a small bit of motivation each day with inspirational depression quotes, can make a big difference.
Natural Remedies for Depression
There is a wide variety of treatment options available for depression, and while the most commonly prescribed option are antidepressants, there are also natural remedies for depression.
Contribute to Depression
Would you like to share your knowledge about depression? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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