Daily Motivation for Beating Depression

It doesn’t really matter if you are battling depression or "living the dream", we all could use some daily motivation. When battling depression however, daily motivation is imperative to your success! This is not optional if you want to beat depression.

Depression is a sneaky little monster that can just creep in when you least expect it and if you are susceptible to the disorder, you have to be ready with your A game!

You have to find something that works for you! Most of the time, staying motivated and positive requires a combination of techniques.

For some, daily positive affirmations are enough. For others a full individual development plan is the key! I highly recommend both!

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Image by: D Sharon Pruitt

Depression has been ruthless with us, so its time to get ruthless with depression!

Depression is fed and will grow with negative thoughts and pessimism and will starve if we don't feed it the fuel it needs. Positivity and gratitude are keys to a happier healthier life.

One thing that has really worked for me, and for many others, is using gratitude exercises as daily motivation for depression relief. We all have something we can be thankful for.

No matter what it is for you, think about it and if you can even say it out loud "I am thankful for ___________." and then fill in the blank.

At first it may be difficult to think of things you are thankful for, because you are feeling so down, but start small and work your way up. Example: "I am thankful for my ability to read." Well that sounds small and maybe even insignificant - but there are so many people who would be so thankful if they could only read!

You get the idea. Start small, work your way up, and keep the positive thoughts coming!

We may not choose to be depressed, but we do have a choice to remain depressed or to step up and kick it to the curb! The truth is, depression beats you and runs your life, or you beat depression...and like anything else in life, success will require determination, a plan, and practice!

Life happens…and it happens to every single one of us…we all have a story. Your situation is not going to change over night, but you can move toward a happier, healthier you every single day. What we do with it, what we do with our individual situation, what we think to ourselves, what action we take every moment of everyday, is up to us.

If we are depressed and not taking any action to remedy it, then we are choosing to remain depressed. Depression is not just going to get tired of us and get up and walk away. Make the choice to beat depression. Start today.

A crucial turning point in our lives is when we recognize we are the driving force of our lives…no one and nothing else. We. The power truly lies within. So take hold of your inner you and say self, today is the day we choose happiness.

Now, we’ll still have to get up and do it again tomorrow, and that’s where daily motivation comes in!

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